Procedure for restoring replacement Droid

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    I have a rooted Droid with the DM 1.0 Rom. I have been having random restarts the last two mornings lasting about 30 minutes before the unit settles down and can be used. Since my Droid is only a couple of weeks old, I am tempted to take it back for a new unit, if it happens again.

    In the event I replace the unit, I will use the DMUpdater to revert to stock and come home with a new Droid. I have done both a Nandroid Backup and a full Titanium Backup (and an Apps only one).

    What is the process to restore a new Droid with my Rom, data and applications, system settings etc. Will I need to install DMUpdater again to root the phone and then do a Nandroid backup at that point? I am assuming I can't do the restore until I have rerooted, but any instructions would be appreciated.

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