Problems with new update "fix". Suggestions?

Discussion in 'Samsung Galaxy S3' started by feralchick, Jun 22, 2013.

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    Downloaded the new update and am still having problems. My 4G signal is back and I can send texts with pics tho still a little slow. That's the good news.

    Battery drain is still awful, 76 down to 30 in 7 hours with no use at all
    Takes forever to charge, over an hour
    Phone still getting hot with minimal use, 87-104 in half an hour
    Upload/download speed abysmal, roughly 3700/1500 max, 936/826 at worst
    Media server is primary usage for battery after update fix, was screen time before update

    In strong 4G area tho my signal strength is -104 to -110 (before update and after the fix). If I go to the other side of my apartment building (less than 100 ft) signal was -75 to -85. Building does not have thick walls, front faces street and houses, back has other apartment buildings but treed courtyards and and lots of open space between buildings.

    Did several restarts and battery pulls but no improvement. Charged phone when turned off and charging was still rather slow. New SIM after original update (didn't help), no new apps added.

    I have a refurbished replacement sitting here that was sent after original update but fix was released and I was hoping it would return my phone to its previous perfectness and I wouldn't have to start over with replacement phone.

    Any suggestions to return original phone back to perfect?

    (Sorry for length of post but want to provide as much info as possible to see what options I have.)
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    Factory reset. That fixes most issues. I can't stress that enough especially if you're having issues after an update. That's what Verizon is going to tell you to do. Try that first. See if it works.

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