Problems Getting Nexus 5 Activated on Sprint; Requires SIM Card to Work

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    The bigDroids thought it would be a good idea to share this story over here at DF for folks who planned to get the Google Play Store Nexus 5 and are on Sprint. You can read the full story at the source link below.

    I thought it was important to share my sad and frustrating experience with you guys while trying to get my Nexus 5 activated on Sprint. In case you haven't seen it, several news sites last night reported that getting the Google Play Store Nexus 5 activated on Sprint was nearly impossible. I can attest to this, because I went through it myself. Here's my story:

    I spent almost three hours in the Sprint store while the young lady behind the counter tried in vain to get my new Google Nexus 5 activated on the Sprint network. To her credit, she was patient and tried her best to do the impossible. She even let me leave for a bit to eat dinner and come back later. She seemed genuinely excited to get the phone working because it was the first Nexus 5 device to come into that particular Sprint store, and she wanted to play with it too.

    During this time, both she and I called the Sprint customer service line and received conflicting information several times on how to get it working. As it turns out...

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