Problems connecting to Wifi, need help please.

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    If SIUC's setup is anything like SIUE's setup, they probably have two wireless connections because one is WIFI and the other is probably something like WPA.

    WIFI isn't secure...WPA is secure.

    Use WPA if at all possible.

    Like another person said here, you have to install a certificate on your phone so you'll automatically be logged into the system when accessing the wireless connection. It's just a website that you go to on your phone's browser (IT should be able to give you the address...ask to speak to someone in Networking) and when it prompts you to install the certificate, you do so
    It's not hard.

    Then you go into your wireless settings, remove all existing wireless connections pertaining to SIUC that are already set up and set up a new one, (choose the WPA or secure connection), and choose the certificate you just downloaded, enter your username and password and that should be it.
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there was a problem connecting to the network. check your se