Problem With Screen Freeze??

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    I've been running a Rooted Droid with Chevys SS for awhile now and just a couple of days ago switched to try out Liquid Smooth..

    Everything Ran fine for a couple of days, and starting yesterday my phone would sometimes when I press power key to turn screen on would stay black while bottom menu keys would light up. I'd leave it be for a few mins and it would work fine. Now today it started getting worse, When texting and opening keyboard it would freeze(Screen Freeze, Phone still worked as I ended up sending dfkjshfduy txt messages), would have to take out battery..

    Well after removing battery to fix freeze it finally took a crap... Now when I turn my phone one, it will sit at a "M" screen, but not centered like it's supposed to, like way off to left, and a little fuzz at bottom right of corner... It eventually loads up, but to a black screen... Pressing power button lights up menu buttons, but still black screen, Txt messages and phone calls come through but cant see or answer...

    X + Power does not load up Recovery mode(well it might but all I see is the "M")

    Pressing Up + Power does get me into Boot Loader mode(Altho its off centered, but to the right) Once I hook it up to USB in Bootloader mode, text is normal not off centered..

    The Fact I can get into Bootloader & Connect it to RSDLite gives me hope.... I'm quite a n00b at this so I'm not sure where to go from here.. Anything I can do??


    *Edit: Well I unrooted it via: ... Phone still does same thing.. Load screen is Offcenterd "M: Logo and when it is on sound calls texts, no screen...
    anything? anyone?
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