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    I've searched through archives and can't find a solution that is applicable to my issue so I thought I'd shout out here.
    I used to have LOADS of issues with my Eris, but since getting the Incredible about 9 months ago I've had very little problems.
    I have not rooted the Incredible (I had root on my Eris, so I know the benefits) and I use ADW Launcher. A few times in the last couple of months when I reboot, usually for a battery change, my widgets come up black boxed and saying "Problem Loading Widget." All of them. And I have made no changes prior to reboot. The only solution that I've found is removing them and redoing them, but the last home screen makeover involved a lot of scrollcut widgets and I have not found a way to back those up, so they're gone. And I'm not really into redoing them.
    I did try a battery pull and reset launcher before I removed the widgets to start over, to no avail. It happened to ALL widgets, including the clock, power control, Launch-X, etc. Talk about irritating!
    What could be causing this? Anyone have any suggestions?

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