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    In the April 2011 issue of Popular Science there is a one-page article about changing the Android system. Some of the things mentioned:

    Go to xda-developers.com on how to root or ROMs (it also suggested using the app ROM Manager)

    1- Improve the LOOK
    A- Replace the Home Screen with either SlideScreen or LauncherPro.
    B- Kill the ads with AdFree (rooting required).

    2-Improve the FEATURES
    A- Steam your media using Twonky
    B- Share your connection with either PdaNet or Wifi Tether (rooting required).

    3- Improve the PERFORMANCE
    A- Save power with either JuiceDefender or UltimateJuice.
    B- Boost speed with SetCPU (rooting required).

    Not too bad, although when I looked at SlideScreen it was hard to find a good comment.
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