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    i recently purchase a fascinate and inject it with the cdma services in my countries.,

    then i tried to upgrade it to froyo with the tutorial given is this thread..,

    every step i done , im copying the update zip into the sd card, and using the Super Clean version 2.9.2 - EB01/EC10 Froyo leak root+Froyo Clockworkmod with MALWARE protection THIS VERSION DOES NOT WIPE DATA,

    i try to upgrade to froyo, after all the step i make, i got the odin saying "Pass" and try to boot, but my fascinate cant be turn on., i try to make the same step again, mount the EC10SC292x_DXC.tar (after i exctrat it) , it's still getting no positive results,

    so i try some of the advice given by this, and download the CWMRecovery_DJ05_DL09.tar,

    and execute in with odin..,

    and.. thank fully my fascinate can turn on and booting, the main menu and interface has changed, and the verizon logo after the samsung logo appeared when we turn on is replaced by an hexagon glowly effect,

    in the "about phone" my firware is 2.2.1

    kernel version , and build is sch-i500.eb01,

    can u help me locate what md5 that i installed in my fascinate?

    is it the first one?? or the cwmrecovery mode??

    the problem that im having is.. the battery indicator is having an error,

    in the interface, it's saying it have 48 % left, but suddenly it's turn off. and.. i try to charge it, but the screen sometimes says the battery full, or sometimes say that the battery is so empty, but in some minutes it saying 90 % full,

    im pretty sure that my battery is allright , becoz when im still using the stock room and still have my fascinate unrooted, the battery could last for 13-4 hours..

    please help me.. what step that i have to make to resolve this problem..

    my phone is turn off itself every 40-50 minutes saying the battery is empty..