Please help cyanogenmod all in one file went terribly wrong!!!!

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    :icon_eek:URGENT HELP NEEDED! So this morning i found that my all in one cyanogenmod .zip that sbf's and flashes your phone downloaded. Me being excited and groggy i went ahead and wiped data/dalvik cache and went to flash it. I forgot there are a few more steps before that because it is an sbf too. I was originally on the leaked gingerbread .591 build from tbh and on the ROM apeX 2.0. When I was flashing the rom it got to i think the radio update and then it said error, aborted. I remembered the steps I was SUPPOSED to follow and hit reboot system now. Now instead of the apex boot animation i have the white motorola boot logo and then it goes into the bootloader and says


    Battery OK
    OK to Program
    Transfer Mode:
    Data Cable

    If i plug it in to my computer it says USB instead of Data Cable. I cant seem to access stock recovery. I think it like partially SBF'ed and then the error happened so now I can only boot into the bootloader. Im totally confused and spazzing out so help would greatly appreciated!
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