Please compare two droids

Discussion in 'Android General Discussions' started by dansdad, Jul 10, 2011.

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    I neeh some help. I am looking into metro and the LG Optimus M Android. I would like to compare it to the original Droid for Verizon which I am familiar with. Thanks much for any help...Dave Gale
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    I know nothing of the Optimus M, but from google :
    Compare phones: LG Optimus M, Motorola DROID - Phone Arena <-- not sure if that link works.

    Essentially the Droid is a bit bigger and heavier.
    Droid has a physical keyboard.
    Droid has a larger, and higher resolution screen.
    Droid's screen is scratch resistant.
    Optimus looks to get better battery life.
    Optimus has more RAM.
    On paper the Droid's camera is better, it has an LED flash as well.
    LG's phone looks to have a LG's UI on it, where Droid runs stock Android.

    Also it is off on some of the Droid stuff. Droid is on 2.2.2 now, has haptic feedback (says it doesn't). Says it doesn't have youtube, but it does....and a couple other things that were off.

    A couple other things for the Droid. It has a big and helpful userbase, not too sure about the LG. Some have spread out to other devices now, but I am sure they can still help.
    The Droid also has tons of accessories (which since the phone is now older, should be cheap).