Playlists and Memory?

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    So I have the Droid x2 and I downloaded the Winamp app to play music, but I use itunes on my pc's os. I tried using doubletwist to sync music and playlists over to the phone, but doubletwist would only load onto my phone's internal memory which is 4 gigs apparently. My SD card is 8 gigs, and since we're talking about 6 gigs of music, I wanted everything on the SD card. Giving up on doubletwist, I just manually moved all my music over through windows explorer. This works in winamp on the phone, except the playlists were showing up as blank. So I deleted the blank playlists off the phone (press and hold, "delete", history) and did some research to find people were recommending itunes agent. It's worked for lining up my music names (titles, artists, album names, etc throughout my music library got skewed in downloading and sorting) to how I had them in Itunes (WIN!), but when I tried moving the playlists over, itunes would say they already existed on the phone. I just said to add anyway, but after disconnecting the device from my pc, I found I still didn't have any playlists . . .

    -Are there any programs or methods anyone could recommend for managing your playlists and music to be the same as on the phone as well as your pc?

    And my question about memory: while I was researching, people seemed to have gotten a total of 16 gigs on their phones (internal and SD combined) or they got a 16 gig sd card anyway. Did Verizon rip me off about 4 gigs of space when I got this droid x2? (Btw, I've only owned the phone for about 2 weeks)
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