Phone is automatically responding to missed calls, can't turn it off. (Xperia Z)

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    I recently got an Xperia Z after having an iPhone, so I'm new to Android. I was getting something to eat, got a couple texts and a missed call. I did not notice until I got home, but it said I had responded with "I'm eating. I'll call you back later." which is impressive, but incredibly annoying. I don't want automatic texts to be sent out. I looked into call settings and saw "Reject call with message," I clicked it and saw no way to disable it, just a bunch of preset messages (can't delete them or add any). I have not downloaded any apps that affect texting, I have enabled Google Now though, so I think that might be the problem, but it's nowhere in the settings. How can I disable automatic responses to missed calls?

    While I'm posting, I have a couple other questions about Android, Google Now, and the Xperia Z. First, Google Now thinks I work at Subway because I've been walking there. I do not have a job and can't delete the address, it just tells me to go to the location history dashboard. I read that the location history dashboard is in google maps, so I went into it, deleted the work address and it's still there in Google Now, so the question is how do I get rid of that?

    Second, the vibrate seems incredibly weak for the Xperia Z, whenever my iPhone would vibrate, I could easily feel it, with the Xperia Z, I haven't noticed it in my pocket once over the week and a half I've had it. Is there a way to get a stronger vibrate or more feasibly, set a custom vibration like iPhone that is easier to feel? Thanks.
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