Pairing blutooth and enabling voice Activation

Discussion in 'Droid Bionic Tech Support' started by dandla330, Feb 17, 2014.

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    I'm using a Bionic XT875. The firmware has been confirmed as the most recent V. I have it paired to a new MOTO BOOM HX600 Bluetooth Headset.
    The issue is that I can't get the Boom to initiate "Voice Command". My action thus far has been to confirm that the Bionic XT875 has the Settings for "allow Bluetooth bypass" has been checked and the on the Boom, the setting for "voice command" has been turned on. Both setting have been confirmed several times and yet the Blutooth remains incapable of initiating a voice command.
    The MOTO User forum has also been advised of my dilemma. Does anyone here have any pearls of wisdom to share as to what I might have missed with either the phone or blutooth device.
    As we say in Hawaii...many Mahalos-n-Aloha, dandla
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    I have two HX550 headsets & from what I read the HX600 was the follow up to that one and is very similar. Is the button on the outside of the headset still a Multi Function button (answer calls, end calls, etc.)? if it is still a Multi Function button, that should open Voice Commands on the phone once you push the button. When you push the Multi Function button on the headset, what happens on the phone? Does Voice Commands open at all? Also, can you use the headset for phone calls, have you tried to answer & end a call using the headset button?
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