Voice Command Kills Media Music Audio to Bluetooth Headset

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    Hopefully someone has figured this one out....hopefully it is a simple fix I am overlooking...

    I'm using a Samsung Modus 3500 Bluetooth Headset (2.1 + EDR & A2DP) with my Droid X for both calls and media audio. If I'm listening to music through the headset (using the original music player) and I get a call, I click the button on my headset, take the call, end the call, and the music comes back from right where it left off.... works perfect.

    However, if I click the button to initiate a voice command, such as--Play "playlist"-- to load or switch playlists, the music stops to allow me to make the voice command, the Droid X recognizes and executes the voice command, throws the new playlist in the music player, the 1st track starts playing, but I can't hear anything through the headset nor is music coming from the phone speaker. I have to touch pause and then play on the phone to hear the music through the headset. As soon as I touch the screen, boom, bluetooth media audio is working again.

    The voice command function causes the Droid X to stop sending media audio via bluetooth. Seems to me that after the voice command is executed and the Droid X is no longer "listening," bluetooth media audio should kick right back in. Any help or fixes???? Thanks in advance!
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