Overclocking Droid X

Discussion in 'Droid X Tech Support' started by Eugeni0us, Apr 16, 2011.

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    Hey I want to overclock my droid x but also I want to save battery what can I do or what should be my dx/d2 settings?

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    Well, pick which one you actually want to do...cause overclocking in the truest sense will not save battery, but will make battery life worse.

    Now, if you want to "underclock", then you might be headed in the right direction. There is truly no reason to actually overclock the DX...if you were to see an increase in anything but battery drain, it would be totally not enough to justify the added stress on the hardware...

    If you want to save battery, then here are my suggestions that help me maintain 17-24+ hours out of my DX without under/overclocking or using "battery saving" apps...

    1) Go into Settings--->Battery--->Nightime Saver Mode..this is actually IMO a better setting than Maximum Saver, at least on my Droid X.

    2) Your e-mail accounts, do they sync on their own? What type of schedule? Sync only over WiFi or over 3G as well? Set them for WiFI Only if you are in a good WiFi area...extend the times out if you are mostly on 3G.

    3) What type of signal reception do you have, Great, Good, Lousy or 2 Soup Cans and some String? If your signal reception is Low, your phone will work harder trying to stay connected and trying to bounce between stronger towers. If signal is really bad, but a free WiFi connection is available, switch the WiFi on and keep it on until you are in a better 3G area.

    4) Do you have any Social Widgets, RSS Feed Widgets, Weather Widgets or any other Widgets/Apps that like to update themselves regularly? If so, what are the refresh times for each? Can you set them to only update on a Manual Push? If not, then set the frequency to the longest permissible time frame for your ease of use and lifestyle.

    Thats basically all my "tricks" that I utilize to keep my Droid X going for upwards of 17-24+ hours on any given day....I hope they might help you as well..."