Oil on Fingers ruin Droid??

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    While replacing my LCD screen yesterday I grabbed the golden strips with my finger to release the motherboard from the cracked LCD screen. Once I installed my new screen and put the phone back together the LCD screen wouldn't function. After tweeking with a couple things I got the LCD screen to light up but it was a weird green color. The "finger sensor" buttons (menu, home, back, etc.) would not work and and the battery indicator was flashing (Maybe just because of low battery power). Does anyone know what may be going on with my Droid Incredible? Would touching these tiny strips with my fingers kill my phone? Can I clean them with alcohol (the rubbing kind). Could it be that I received the wrong screen in the mail? Or should I drown my sorrows with alcohol (the drinking kind)? I void my warranty "assuming" changing out the screen would be an easy fix, man was I wrong. I have got to STOP "assuming" so much! Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank You All!:greendroid:
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