Notification sounds keep clearing themselves!

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    Hello Thunderbuns. I just got my Thunderbolt a few days ago; it's awesome, I love it, way more than my Droid 2. But, I am having a problem. I installed a text messaging app, GO SMS Pro, and I assigned a soundboard sound to an incoming text message (Mario's pause sound). After, I don't know, a half an hour, maybe? I'd get a text message, and not only would my phone not play that sound, but it forgets to make a sound at all. I assumed it was a problem with the Mario soundboard I was using, so I abandoned that one, and I downloaded a Simpsons soundboard, and changed my text notifications to one of those (AAH! I mean, AHHLo!). Same thing happens. I can't figure out what it is myself, but clearly, something on my phone is causing it to forget my notification sound, and instead of resetting to a default sound, which would be just fine considering, it reverts to playing no sound at all, resulting in some enraged friends and family members thinking that I'm ignoring their messages, lol.

    Anybody else having the same problems, be it with ringtones or notification sounds from a soundboard, or any other non-default sound reverting to silence?
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