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    Haven't had this downloaded long, enjoying some of the features so far. I'm using the Hybrid MIUI on D1 w/ADW Launcher (wasn't a fan of the non-alphabetized apps, saw some fix for the regular MIUI but not for the Hybrid). Anyway, the big question: Is there a way for your notification bar to show up on the lock screen? I liked being able to glance at my phone without unlocking it to know if I had a work email or personal or text or voice mail or whatever and then choose whether or not I wanted to unlock or view it. If there isn't a way to do this, then I'd strongly recommend it.

    Another thing I'd like to see on the lock screen is the ability to customize what apps are on the left and right as opposed to going directly to phone or text messages. It would be really cool to unlock straight to the app of my choice.

    Other than that, having fun with this so far. Had a lot of issues trying to install this over the weekend, but I think they all stemmed from me not doing something right on the install (or after when restoring apps).
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