No cellular Data in EUROPE [HELP!]

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    First a summary of my story:
    I live in europe (the netherlands) and wanted a phone with a big battery (HTC one X was driving me mad) i could get good money for the HTC one X so i sold it and started looking and found the RAZR MAXX.
    Since the razr maxx is not really available in europe, i thought why not order it from the USA! I did some research and GSM bands seemed to match so I ordered one from ebay.

    Today it finally arrived! Turns out i got screwed and it's a normal razr and not a razr maxx :'( but i'll hopefully be able to resolve something with seller/buyer protection. This really blows but something i'll have to deal with for now, now on to the real problem:

    It won't connect to the internet over 3g! (Wifi works fine ofcourse)
    Some info:
    - It's a XT912 verizon motorola razr
    - First time I booted it, it stopped me before I got to the homescreen saying it couldn't activate or something (not used to this in europe) but got around this by booting it with the verizon sim it got shipped with. Rebooted with my sim and then I can use it to at least make calls. But It won't connect to cellular internet (even though i have manually set the correct APN)
    - It runs the latest OTA: 4.1.2 - system version: 98.72.16.xt912.Verizon.en.US - Baseband: CDMA_N_05.21.00R LTEDC_U_09.1D.00 (have been able to ROOT it)
    - After booting with my sim it says: "sorry, this sim card is not supported. Please contact your wireless service provider"

    Am I completely doomed or can i still get this phone to connect to the internet?
    Hope you guys can help me out, thanks!

    ps. also posted this on xda but figured id spread my chances!
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