New Titanium Backup wiki with User Guide

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    I'm posting this for one of my IncFor members. Thought other users of Titanium Backup might get good use out of this.

    New Titanium Backup wiki with User Guide
    Straight from the dev's mouth (just got an e-mail from him):

    I'm having a lot of fun working with the Android community. By the way, today I have just set up a Wiki for Titanium Backup and some related topics (mostly rooting). Most of the information that used to be on my web page, is moved to the Wiki now. There's also a brand new "User's guide" there.

    Here's a link:

    **If you have problems registering please let me (Laura) know so I can pass the info on to Joel (the dev). He doesn't anticipate any issues but would like to be aware of any that arise so he can quickly resolve them.

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