New facebook friends don't show up under contacts & other tech issues

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    Wazup new here on the forums & new to this phone. Got a Driod 2 Verizon

    Alright so heres the 1st issue
    After doing the facebook syned the 1st day I got the phone; everything was fine. Now meeting new people I have there number & recently added them on facebook, but they DO NOT=(( show up under phone contacts & have not syned.

    ^Any ideas?

    2nd issue =/
    Chase Cell I was able to syn him to his facebook name & photo manually(chase cell>menu>link contact>Chase Bell) & now its shows his facebook name & photo:):)

    But now I am trying to do that with other people but its not working:icon_evil:
    for example Jordan Roommate>menu>link contact> still Jordan roommate instead of his facebook name "Jordan Wong"

    ^Any ideas on 2nd issue
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