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Discussion in 'Droid X2 Tech Support' started by rtc2b, Nov 10, 2011.

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    Posted this in the General section, but since my original post, her data usage went to 0.322gb. Would love to get some help with my questions so I can work on her phone....

    Some Background info.....My husband and I both have BlackBerry Phones with Verizon. We added my 13 yr old daughter to our plan on Monday and she got the Droid X2. We have unlimited data plans but Verizon no longer has this available so she has 2gb available for use each cycle. We are 21 days into our cycle right now, my husband is on Facebook quite a bit with his phone throughout the day, my daughter is in school for 6.5 hours of the day and can not use her phone during this time, but does use it as soon as she is out of school until she goes to bed. My husband has used 0.211gb of data in 21 days, my daughter has used 0.265gb of data since Monday. Here are my questions......

    1. On BB, we have to close our apps (Facebook, Twitter, etc) so it doesn't keep using data. I was told by Verizon that this does not need to be done for Droid X2. They said once she goes to another screen the phone stops "pulling" data. Is this correct? If not, how do you "close" the app so it does not pull data?

    2. Are there apps that came downloaded on the phone that I should delete that might be pulling data?

    3. If her GPS is on, does this pull extra data usage?

    4. I am reading up and it seems I can have her phone run off our Wi-Fi connection when she is here at the house. Will this lower the data usage through Verizon?

    5. If I set her up to use the Wi-Fi when she is here at home, will she have to change the phone over to the orginal setting to get to Facebook, etc. when she is not at home or will the phone know to change over by itself?

    6. Is there anything I should know about this phone that I haven't asked that would cause it to be using so much data (other than it matters on what apps she uses or if she is streaming videos and music)?

    Any help anyone can give me on this would be great. She is not home at the moment, but once she is home I would like to work on her phone to stop it from pulling so much data!

    Thank you in advance!!!! ​

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    Someone replied with a good answer in your other thread:
    New to Droid Phone - Have some questions

    Putting that phone on WiFi will help cut the data use.

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