Need help finding a ROM for my X!!!

Discussion in 'Droid X Roms' started by wdcspurs, Sep 28, 2011.

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    I need help finding a ROM for my Droid X. It looks like the 2 most popular ones that I have seen are the Liberty .9 and Cygenamod 7 for the X running Gingerbread. My droid x is rooted running stock gingerbread .602. Both of the ROMS I listed above have some sort of drawbacks with them as far as no camera or not being able to use Google Maps. I did find one that interested me, Sensei V2. It seems pretty simple to get going and a few thems that interest me. This would be my first ROM that I will flash to my phone. I am curious about a couple things:
    1) Do i restore my apps via titanium backup after flashing the ROM?
    2) I have already backed up my phone via Clockwork. After I have flashed a ROM, what is the process to go back to my stock rooted Gignerbread if I choose? Do I juts go back into Clockwork and restore the backup?
    3) Finally, any ROMS that people suggest? I need something that will let me use my camera, and Google Maps as well. Please pass along any info that will help.
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    Ok I will take a stab at it:
    1) Yes, you would restore apps with tibu after you flash, you only want to do user apps though.
    2) Yup, that is all, just restore the backup.
    3) Sensei Mod is a good place to start since it is a blur ROM just tweaked for performance, everything should work. It is up to v3 now though I believe.