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    Hi everyone!

    So here's the story. On Christmas Eve, I was given a Motorola Droid. The phone worked beautifully, and I wasn't having any problems with it until this past Tuesday.

    For my job, I do a lot of driving, which means I use the navigation function on my phone frequently. It was working great until all of a sudden, it would freeze up in the middle of a route. Sometimes it would say "Searching for GPS..." and freeze, or other times it just wouldn't update my position and lock up. In both situations, the only way to fix it is to take out my battery and put it back in.

    I've tried everything. I've done a factory reset, I've uninstalled and reinstalled the Maps update... and here's the kicker -- I brought it to Verizon support, they gave me a brand new phone, and I'm still having the same issue! They told me they're not going to swap it out again because there's no reason for why I would have the same issue with two phones unless it was a software problem that will inevitably be fixed.

    However, I haven't heard of this problem happening to anyone else. It's really frustrating and as it stands, I can't use my phone's navigation feature at all. It simply refuses to complete a route, no matter how short it is.

    Any suggestions and tips would be greatly appreciated.
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