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Music App Consuming Huge Chunks of Battery

Discussion in 'Liberty ROM DX' started by floydiannyc, Jun 6, 2011.

  1. floydiannyc

    floydiannyc New Member

    Jul 17, 2010
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    I'm running .06 of Liberty. I actually just installed a "rom" for the first time on my DX because I absolutely hated the GB experience coupled with blur. The biggest reason for my switch was the horrific battery life I was experiencing.

    On FROYO, I would get anywhere from 12-18 hours on a charge with typical use, which was good enough for me. When I installed GB, that went down to 6-8 hours. Battery drain was especially noticeable when using media players such as Mort Audiobook Player and Player Pro.

    So, I installed Liberty and was thrilled at my battery life, without having had used either of these media players. For example, this morning, I disconnected my phone at 7:45 and by 4:00pm I was at just 69%; all that with heavy screen usage!

    Everything was going great until I started listening to music. Goddamn it! It went from 69% to 60% in less than an hour of use. In addition to Player Pro (my preferred music app), mediaserver is eating the ass out of my battery.

    Is there something I can do about this? Is there something I can check to see why my media is consuming way more battery than it ever did on FROYO?

    Edit: In the one hour I played music, mediaserver consumed 4minutes of CPU time. That doesn't sound right. Is there a setting in my media player that's forcing the mediaserver process to work this much?
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