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    Looks as if rumors of another razr may be in works as various news outlets are reporting on this mysterious device. I am not surprised that Motorola and Verizon are sticking to that Razr brand as all in all it has been successful for them For the us android fans we see the device as constantly coming up short with the competition but for the average user the look and commercialization of the device hooks them into picking it up on a 2 yr. For what the razr is and does it is a nice industrial device that people gravitate to and for the most part those people do not care about all the bells an whistles.

    DROID ULTRA Landing Page Pops Up at Motorola Site, Provides Handful of Details ? Droid Life

    SO do you see the Ultra Razr brand making money or will it be a flop?
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    it depends on if they build it like an ultra or if they just try to pass off some out dated hardware with an even bigger battery as the main selling point.
    either way i think they will make some money on it as long as there arent any major bugs.
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