Motorola Elite Series BT Earpieces, some features inop on some models?

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    I have periously had a working Motorola Command One Bluetooth Earpiece that could Answer or Ignore an announced incoming call by verbal direction, hence "Answer" or "Ignore" commands for the "Command One". I did purchase another product in the Elite series, the Sliver Elite which is supposed to have same capability. Both earpieces require that Motospeak be downloaded to Bionic, which has been done. Specs claim that capability as long as phone is at Android 2.2 level. Only the Command One will announce the option to answer/ignore. On the Sliver, I'm forced to use the answer switch on the earpiece itself. Just spent quite some time looking through more Motorola Elite series earpieces that are also to have the "Answer/Ignore" verbal command capability. Am about to order the Elite Infinity as it has good reviews (and my Command One literally fell apart)...and I'm trying to retain the capability to "Answer" or "Ignore".
    *With both earpieces, the option to have text messages read, or verbally replied to does was the answer part that isn't coming forward on the Elite Sliver. Please advise on what I'm possibly overlooking. (This behavior was happening under both GB and now ICS). Thanks!

    Found out that the most recent update to app makes it incompatible with Answer /Ignore. Nothing past Android 2.2
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