Command One...Answer/Ignore...only BT capable for that?

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    My favorite BT ear piece is dying. Really liked the "Answer/Ignore" feature for audible command on incoming calls and the "yes" / "no" options for reading/listening/ replying to text messages. Purchased a Motorola Sliver Elite to replace the Command One. It does speech to text fine but haven't found way to verbally Answer/Ignore incoming calls. Was told it could do all of the Command One's features. This Sliver Elite fits great, (and I wear glasses) the sound (incoming and outgoing) is good too. So, how to set up "Answer/Ignore"? (Or more simply, is there a button to push on the ear piece to take an incoming call? I know, owners booklet is where I should be looking but that's a few miles away.
    Thanks for feedback!

    Ok I long ago found the "answer " button...but sure miss being able to answer/ignore verbally.
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