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    I am prya from germany. Exactly from Hamburg.
    I started to learn about android in february with getting my first android device- the archos 5it- an android based internet tablet.
    I fell in love with it at once and learned a lot the first months because the first FWs were really buggy.
    And it had no market access because it was no phone- that had to be changed...:happy:
    (by the way- I am out of pratice with my english- please be forgiving...)
    For approximately three month I have the motorola xt720 and it is still the most used device for me since then. Not for making calls...
    No I am free from the limitations of my archos which still has android 1.6 and, of course,is no phone- which limits the useable applications a lot.

    I found this forum while searching for an open recovery/ nandroid possibility for the xt720 which seems to be not that common as I hoped before...
    Theres not even a decent phone case availble outside the korean market- and of course the korean websites are not completely translated in english...:(
    okay, so far my introduction...
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    Welcome to the forum. Your English was fine. I had no difficulty in understanding it. Hope you find what you need here. There are some great people on this forum and a tremendous amount of information.

    Again, welcome!!