Archos Unveils Platinum Line of Tablets with 11.6-Inch Flagship; May Make Smartphone

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    We have some intriguing official news and some unofficial news from Archos this morning. First, we will share the rumint. Supposedly, we are hearing that Archos may be developing an Android smartphone. Here's a quote with the details,

    While none of this is confirmed, the intel seems very solid, so more than likely we can expect to see a new competitor enter the smartphone world sometime this year.

    Our second bit of news is an official announcement from Archos themselves. They are launching their new Platinum lineup of Android tablets. These new higher-end products even include an 11.6-inch flagship. As usual, the manufacturer is pricing their products very aggressively. Here's a quick spec breakdown followed by the official press release which includes pricing info.

    Here's that press release,

    Source: Phonedog & Ubergizmo
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