[MOD] DL09 AOSP/Puzzle Lock with Reboot Options (added accurate batt)

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    All credit goes to BenBowden over at XDA for this mod...just posting here for people to enjoy...
    Original link: [MOD] DL09 AOSP/Puzzle Lock with Reboot Options (added accurate batt) - xda-developers

    [​IMG] [MOD] DL09 AOSP/Puzzle Lock with Reboot Options (added accurate batt)
    This mod is specifically for DL09. If you are on DJ05, you can find a similar mod here.

    Most themes already have reboot options added, but if you're like me you prefer the stock theme. Because there have been no releases of the reboot options mod since DL09, I took the time today and added it to the DL09 framework (specifically the android.policy.jar, framework.jar, and framework-res.apk). Once it was added, I realized very quickly that there was a problem--it only worked with the stock glass/puzzle lock. This is because stupid me used a stock deodoxed android.policy.jar and not Adrynalyne's modified one from Supah Clean. So, I pulled the policy from Adrynalyne's ROM, edited it to work with the reboot options, and repackaged it with my prior edits to the framework.jar and framework-res.apk. End result: it worked!


    You must be deodexed for this mod to work! Don't even try to flash this on stock. If you don't know if you are deodexed, use a file manager and go to system>app and see if you see any .odex files. If you do, you're not deodexed. If you don't, you're deodexed.


    (1) Untermensch - the original creator of the mod for the Vibrant. It was his guide I used to do this.

    (2) Adrynalyne - as mentioned above, I used his android.policy.jar from Superclean as a base.

    For those who are not familiar, I have attached a picture below to show you what the reboot options look like. Basically, they give you the ability to reboot, reboot recovery, and reboot download mode. Again, these can be found in just about every theme. Their purpose here is to give you the option to apply them to a stock theme.

    Below are the zips to apply the mod. Simply flash via CWM and enjoy!

    EDIT 1: I pulled the original zips because weird **** was happening when flashed over a theme. I realized later that all I needed to do was add the stock twframework-res.apk to update script to fix the problem. You now should be able to flash this over any theme you have already applied.

    EDIT 2: Added accurate (circle) battery. I pulled images from one of the themes .... can't remember which.

    AOSP options w/reg batt: xda-developers
    AOSP options w/accur circle batt: xda-developers
    Puzzle options w/ reg batt: xda-developers
    Puzzle options w/accur circle batt: xda-developers

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