[MOD] Theme Fix for DL09 and observations

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    All credit goes to CrushD over on XDA for the Mod....I'm just posting it here on DroidForums for our users...

    Here's the original link: [MOD] Theme Fix for DL09 and observations - xda-developers

    [​IMG] [MOD] Theme Fix for DL09 and observations
    I've been using DL09 since it's initial release thanks to Adynalyne on IRC. One of the first things to note is it will break most themes out there. If the theme you are using adds Power Options to the reboot menu, then your phone will not boot if you flash that theme onto DL09. I have simply reapplied that mod to the DL09 framework to fix this issue.

    Flash this AFTER you flash a DJ05 theme that uses Power Options, it will fix the theme and make it work with DL09.

    Theme Fix: DL09 Theme Fix.zip ONLY FOR DL09 USERS

    Other mods such as Accurate Battery do not break your phones boot, and any mods to Services.jar (such as clock removal) also will not break your phones boot.

    Now for my other observations with DL09, I see no major improvement from DJ05. Other than it breaking DJ05 themes, there is only ONE improvement I noticed. If you are listening to music with headphones and the Samsung Music Player, when you unplug your headphones the music player will stop, a much appreciated addition. Other than that, functions just like DJ05.

    Enjoy DL09, and with the fix, enjoy your favorite theme with it ^^.

    EDIT: For those having issues with Mediafire I have re-uploaded it as an attachment.

    Attached Files [​IMG] DL09 Theme Fix.zip (3.13 MB, 75 views)