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    Last month we covered a ton of information on a multitude of 'coming soon' devices that were shown off at the Consumer Electronics Show. While CES is undoubtedly the Premier world-wide electronics event for 'all' electronics, Mobile World Congress is coming February 14th and it is, in some ways, more important for our forums. This is because it is the Premier event for the mobile industry. We thought we would share with you a compilation of some of the technology that has either been teased, or outright divulged, to be making an appearance at MWC.

    Some of the information we have gathered comes from speculation, some of it from industry rumors and some of it comes from the manufacturers themselves actively pre-advertising what they intend to show off. We will stick to what is relevant to DroidForums: products or services that are (or may be) Verizon & Android based. This article is not meant to be exhaustive, so share anything we missed in the forums. There are a few links provided to a few of our stories on these devices in case you missed them.

    In Smartphones we will probably have:
    • The Samsung Galaxy Ace = an attractive 'budget-conscious' little iPhone-look-alike device
    • The Samsung Galaxy S2 or SL = dual-core & improved screen follow-up to Samsung's best line of phones
    • The LG Optimus 3D = LG's new glasses-free '3D enhanced' phone - although it may not even be for Verizon - skeptical anyone?
    • *The HTC Thunderbolt = technically not being shown off at MWC, but rumors indicate it may actually be purchasable on the day of the event (we shall see)
    • The HTC 'Saga' = A potential follow-up to the HTC Droid Incredible - This one is still very much 'up in the air' really - we shall have to wait and see
    • The Sony Ericsson Xperia Play - an Android-based 'Playstation-like' phone - still no word on a carrier
    • Motorola Atrix - This one isn't Verizon; however, some rumors indicate they are probably gearing-up a version for Big Red, and we hope to hear something about this at MWC
    • The Motorola Droid X 2 - we don't know if this one will show up at MWC, but we can hope
    In Tablets we may see:
    • Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 - Boringly named, but dual-core featured follow-up to their previous product - but can it really stand toe-to-toe with the Motorola Xoom announced at CES?
    • LG Optimus Pad - we caught wind of this quite a while ago, but it's been MIA for a while - maybe we will see more at MWC
    • HTC Flyer - sporting the new HTC UI overlay HTC Sensation - adopt a wait and judge approach
    Other new tech we may see:
    That's a good start to the latest "rumint" on the MWC event. We will try to update this story as new info spills out, so that you can have a single place to come for your pre-MWC coverage. Again, if you don't see something on here that should be, sound off in the forums!

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    I thought that the Droid Bionic was supposed to be the "Atrix" version for verizon