Louder Speaker Volume On The Galaxy S5 Via Volume Boost Mod

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    The HTC one and Nexus 10 each feature front facing speakers. The Nexus 10 speakers while front facing aren't super loud, while the HTC One speakers feature boom sound and are very loud. One of the main flaws in the Galaxy S5 is the speaker volume. When speaker volume is low, you can't share videos and music freely with your friends while they stand beside you and watch said video, you often miss calls and text messages because the surrounding world around you is just way louder than your phone. One good thing about quiet speakers is that they won't bust your eardrums.

    You can now have louder speaker volume for the Galaxy S5 thanks to the "Volume Boost Mod" by developer "stalli0nUK". This mod is flashed via a custom recovery and will increase the speaker volume dramatically. Head to the link below. Be sure to use v4 which also includes a fix for headphone volume.

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