A Hardware Mod To Fix The Nexus 5 Speaker Volume!

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    There have been some Nexus 5 users that have been experiencing some issues with the volume on their Nexus 5. After having experienced this issue himself developer Adam Outler dug a bit deeper to try to find out what could be causing the low speaker volume on his phone when some others weren't experiencing the same issue. Adam found that the cause of the speaker volume issue turns out to be due to the construction process and the glue used to assemble the device leaking into some areas which obstructs the speaker port. This defect has shown up in many devices, but is not all that difficult to fix. The fix does require you to tear open your phone and do some hardware modification. While this can void your warranty, it should also increase your volume by 2.5x's. This only works if you have initially experienced the problem. Head to the link below for the full guide with photos.

    Via XDA
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