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Discussion in 'Thunderbolt Hacks' started by kbrown.1407, Nov 15, 2011.

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    Hey all, I'm on a rooted Thunderbolt (running Dark Horse Forever). I recently tried out "LauncherPro" (LP) because I liked the fact that the dock had more than three buttons. I also liked the icons used for some of the apps. Unfortunately, since I've installed LP my phone has been slow and often has to reload everything when coming back from sleep. I have since gotten rid of LP in hopes of simply finding existing MODs that would allow me to add commands to the existing dock (The LP theme I was using had 5 at the bottom with both push and swipe actions) as well as utilize the icons I would like. I tried looking into icon packs while using LP but didn't really get anywhere. I am new to android and the advanced features but understand enough to have rooted my phone so I believe I can figure it out once pushed in the right direction.

    Any thoughts out there as to where I might find these items and/or if there is another way/app I should try instead? Any ideas why my phone is reloading after wake? It didn't do it at first but now is quite consistent.

    Thanks in advance