Moved from D2G to RAZR MAXX las t week--now w/ICS. Some questions?

Discussion in 'Droid RAZR' started by Soucouant61, Jul 1, 2012.

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    I bought a RAZR Maxx last week as an upgrade to my Droid 2 Global. I like the phone and just got the ICS update. However, there are some niggling aspects that bother me and I'm not sure where to find answers. I really loved my D2G and had configured and customized it just perfectly to my liking. (I made my own icons and dock that I used with Launcher Pro) I had hoped to replicate it, or some of it on the RAZR. Here are some differences.

    1. In the D2G if I rotate to landscape the home screens and icons rotate to landscape. This does not happen on the RAZR. (I have checked Auto rotate) Home screens are always in Portrait! I'm not sure if the rotate is a function of Launcher Pro on the D2G

    2. I put LP on the Razr and the LP dock appears above the Moto dock but does not replace it as it does on the D2G. The 2 docks look stupid and are redundant. Perhaps this question should be put on the LP forum, but I thought someone here might be running LP on a RZMX.

    3. I have swipe gestures in my 2nd email account but they are not available in my Gmail account. Can this be configured? If not, Why?

    4. Prior to the ICS update, in Apps there was an icon for Motoprint. This is no longer there, though the application is on the phone and works if I print e.g from gallery.

    5. On my D2G contacts I was able to hide groups. e.g. Group "Family 2" being the info of distant family I would never call unless someone died. On the old phone I could hide these groups so I wouldn't be scrolling through hundreds of numbers I'd never call but need to have. My groups show up on the maxx but I can find no where to hide particular groups.

    Ideas, answers, suggestions?