Looking for apps/functions similar to what I used on Palm Centro

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    My good old Palm Centro died and I replaced it with a Droid4. I would like to start off using functions that I am familiar with. I may change later, but right now I need to get the same old functionality that I'm familiar with.

    For speed dialing calls to my wife and family, I'm used to using letters. For example W= my wife's work phone, H=home, and M=mobile. Can I do that on the Droid4?

    I need to carry my Outlook calendar, but policy prevents a personal phone from connecting with my employer's Outlook Exchange Server. On the Palm, I used a USB cable and Pocket Mirror software to sync. I've searched howto synch my Droid4 with Outlook using a USB cable. From my browsing it seems that CompanionLink for Outlook, Android-Sync, and VCOrganizer are the top candidates. Can anyone comment for or against any of these, or recommend some other product?

    I have several email account on Comcast. Which email client application should I use. I tried the one that came on the Droid4 and wasn't impressed. One place I looked recommended K9 mail app. The features looked good, but before I invest in learning it, I thought I ask for experience and/or other recommendations.
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    Welcome aboard!

    There are some 3rd party apps for contacts / dialers that might perform as you need...these are Go Contacts, Dialer 1, etc...

    I don't have any thoughts on your Outlook sync as to which is the best as I have not tried those...good luck!

    K9 has a nice interface and is simple to use, if it meets your needs - I don't think you can go wrong...
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    Welcome to the site. Hope you found what you were seeking. DancingNexus
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