Lock Button Issues On D1

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    Random find that may or may not be of any interest....

    At the time of the issue, I had been running a rooted Droid with ClockworkMod and a P3Droid kernel. One day, the lock button just quit working (and I'd randomly get the "Phone Options" menu), and the only way I had of turning it off was yanking the battery. As soon as I'd put the battery back in, it'd turn on. I had figured that since I got it damp the day before, it was a water issue, but the sticker in the back wasn't solid red. So I got ready to unroot it, call Verizon, and send it back.

    Then I figured I'd upgrade the phone to 2.2.1 so I could recover on the new phone from a Nandroid backup from the old phone's card. None of the upgrade threads made any mention of ClockworkMod, so I re-flashed SPRecovery and tried to move forward with that. For a second, I forgot that I had to open up the keyboard and use the Delete button to move backwards, and then I noticed the button was working again.

    I'm still having issues with the 2.2.1 update but that's a whole different kettle of fish.

    Again, not sure if this has any relevance or meaning to anyone...just figured I'd share it in case it does.

    EDIT: Now it's being intermittent...sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.
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