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    Hi Folks. I have an end user that is having issues listening to mp3 attachments directly from his e-mail within his droid 3. We have a VOIP system that allows users to receive copies of their voicemails in mp3 format in their e-mail. Of course this also works within their droid devices. However a couple of end users are clicking on the attachments, they are being downloaded, but when they go to click on the downloaded attachment again it just brings them to their mp3 music list, unfortunately it doesn't dump these attachments to the top of the list, it dumps them randomly as unknown artist. In my Incredible 2 I just download the attachment, click on it and it plays right from my e-mail.

    Where do I make the adjustments to just have the attachment open and play right from e-mail without having to navigate through a users music list?

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