Liberty 1.5 Beeping Music Controls

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    (Solved) Liberty 1.5 Beeping Music Controls

    I tried searching around the settings on the phone, and the forums to see if this was mentioned anywhere else, but found nothing so....

    I first noticed this with the lock screen controls, that when I press a control (such as pause/play, next track, previous track), there is a beep "confirming" my action. Then I noticed that it is also doing this with the controls on my bluetooth headphones, and it is driving me a little crazy. There was never any such beep before, either with Liberty 1.0, or the stock firmware.

    Is there anyway to disable this beep?


    Nevermind. I finally found what was causing this: An option in PowerAmp (that I must've disabled when I first got it, before ever even hearing it.) ^_^;;
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