LG G3 Prime with Snapdragon 805 Coming to Korea as the G3 Cat. 6; Preorders Available Now

Discussion in 'Android News' started by dgstorm, Jul 11, 2014.

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    We aren't intentionally spamming the news today with LG G3 stuff, we promise! It just happens to be the best stuff out there ATM. Previously we reported the LG G3 Prime would be an exclusive in South Korea. It turns out this intel was true (although it might eventually filter out to other international carriers at some point). LG just outed the LG G3 Prime, which will be known as the LG G3 Cat 6.

    This name was deliberately chosen because the phone is designed to run on South Korea's LTE-A network with up to 300 Mbps peak data download rates. This is the world's fastest commercial wireless LTE data network.

    On top of its super-speed modem, this premium version of the G3 also includes a Snapdragon 805 processor as an improvement over the 801 in the regular G3. Of course, it also has all of the other bells and whistles of the G3, including the QuadHD display. The phone is now available for preorder.

    Source: LG
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