Latest Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ Updates May Have Broken Fast Charging For Some

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    While Samsung has really decided to lag behind when it comes to smart charge tech, smart charge is still a crucial feature of their modern devices. According to some S8 and S8+ users the latest update to these devices has broken fast charging for them. This problem does seem to be software related. Fast charging is not working for these individuals whether they use the Samsung official fast charger or and wireless charging has been affected for some users. Users are reporting charge times of 6 hours or more without the ability to fast charge. This doesn't seem to be a widespread issue for now. There is no official word from Samsung at this point on the issue. Have you had any issues charging your S8 or S8+ after this latest update?

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    wonder what will be next. I wonder how some phones are affected and others are not
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    I haven't received any non-security patch updates from Verizon in quite some time, but no fast charging issues so far, other than it liking to make my battery temperature jump to 95-105 degrees Fahrenheit after more than 10-15 minutes. God quickcharge 2.0 suuuucks. Really missing 3.0 from my G5, but that's just about the only thing I miss from it.

    I will say, though, the longer I've had the S8, the more slack I'm willing to give LG. I thought that Samsung would be more reliable, but their phones also have their fair share of issues. I guess there really is no perfect Android manufacturer out there, and I may look more at features than bugs/defects from here on out. Samsung has the absolute worst customer service ive ever experienced and they do not perform device exchanges.
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