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    I'm fairly new to Android and learned real fast that if I think of a feature, chances are it's there I just haven't looked hard enough.

    I know the menu-method to Mark All As Read in K9, but is there a shortcut. I get a LOT of mail and about 90% of it is stuff I will read later. Tech articles and the like. So I usually just scroll my list of new mail, see if there is anything important than "mark all read". The whole ( menu - scroll - mark-all-read - approve ) routine is getting old. I was hoping there was some swipe or press'n hold at the folder level I was just missing.

    Press'n HOld.. then mark-all-read would be acceptable. If not that, is there at least a way to not have to "accept" the action every time. I mean really... after jumping through all the hoops to get to the Mark All Read... You'd think it would pretty obvious it was done on purpose and YES and I want to Mark-All-Read...

    Thanks in advance
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