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    My sincere apologies for starting a thread on this problem but "search" has yielded no results at all.

    Here's the deal. I use K9 and put it on my wife's new Droid. On my Droid each email has a green box on the the left side that can be touched (i.e. checked) so that multiple emails can be selected for deletion/mark read/etc.

    When I set up my wife's K9, the select box was not there. After much frustration I finally figured out how to turn it on for her. Unfortunately, I didn't write down the procedure and the select box has once again disappeared from her K-9.

    Can someone remind me how I did this?

    Edit: As Emily Latella used to say, "Never Mind." I finally found the procedure.

    Menu -> Settings -> More -> Accounts -> Menu -> Settings -> Put a checkmark next to Multi-select Checkboxes.
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