Jorte calendar not synching

Discussion in 'Android Forum' started by ajaybali, May 6, 2011.

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    I know that my calendars (Jorte on HTC Desire and Google on desktop) used to synch, but now they don't seem to do so.

    Jorte is installed on my SD Card to save storage space - is that a potential problem ?
    If I add/change an event to Jorte then it shows up on my Android calendar, but not Google on my desktop.
    Jorte's options are set to Google calendar.
    Android settings ... accounts & sync has Background data and Auto-sync both checked.
    All accounts (Facebook, Google, Stocks, Twitter, Weather) show a green synch symbol (static, not rotating).
    Click on Google and Sync contacts, Gmail and Calendar are all checked and all have a grey synch symbol (static, not rotating). Selecting "Sync now" does nothing.

    I don't really want to delete the Jorte data and start again, as I have entered a lot of repetitive stuff on there which hasn't found its way through to Google.

    Any ideas ?
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