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    Meaning of InfoGamez
    InfoGamez is all about being out going beyond ordinary. Meaning “information 4 the
    gamers” we want to create special games and go beyond what people have come to
    expect, with hidden secrets for you to explore. We will only create games that are high
    quality, with plenty of extras added for free.
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    One thing that sets us apart from the other development studios is our research. We pride
    ourselves on this, as it helps us to produce our fantastic games. Once we have an idea,
    we then spend hours meticulously researching every detail, which enables us to create
    some fantastic accurate 3D models. Whether it’s a monkey or a Tyrannosaurus Rex, our
    team will put in the effort to make sure that they look as good as possible.
    Meaning of div4trisq
    div4trisq is a unique slogan that we have created, meaning “divided into four gaming.” We
    divide the development process into four sections: initial ideas; research; coding and then
    polish. This enables us to create the extra special games that we have come to be known
    Making a Game
    Developing a game might seem simple, but it’s far from just coding. In fact, coding is a
    very small part of the development process of a successful game. After you have the good
    idea, you then need to develop this into the format of a game, developing the initial
    sketches into something that people will want to buy. This involves graphics, icons, level
    idea and crucially, the element of the game that will leave people wanting to come back for
    more. After the development, you’ve also got marketing, producing YouTube videos and
    spreading the word about your game. Game development is far from easy, but at
    Infogamez, we love it.
    At Infogamez, we’re proud that we produce for both platforms. Both are unique, with
    different coding, with Java and C++. It takes extra work to ensure that all of our games,
    work and look great on both platforms, but we’re prepared to go that far so as many
    people as possible can experience our creations.
    Investments from a Game
    Infogamez realises that the game development world is a difficult place, so we want to give
    back to the community. We started with one great idea, and want to help inspire and
    support people just like us. In the future, we will be using our profits to attend conventions,
    like Paxeast and hackathons to help turn the next great idea into a successful game.