Interview With HyperDevbox - Developer of Spectral Souls, ExZues, and Lovecatch

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    Shortly before HyperDevbox released Spectral Souls into the Android Market, DroidGamers got the opportunity to interview the game studio through email. They told us what it is like to develop for Android, what they want to do in the future, as well as get more quality console games ported to Android.

    DroidGamers) A lot of people have followed your development on your port of Spectral Souls to Android, has there been any update on when you plan on releasing it?

    HyperDevbox) Yes, the game has been released just last Saturday, the 15th January. Release for the end of last year was not possible due to a technical issue we had running the game on OS 2.2.X. This is the release of the English version only. The Japanese version is scheduled for February 1st and the Korean version later on.

    DroidGamers) Going along with that previous question, how hard is it, development-wise, to create a game on Android as opposed to other platforms you have worked on?

    HyperDevbox) The main problem working on Android at this time is the "debugging" of Native code which is not as flexible as it could be, and the different set of GPU available on the market. The market fragmentation is maybe not a trouble for some developers but here at HyperDevbox , we want to offer the best experience possible on different type of Android devices so we have to prepare set of textures data for each GPU so our games can run efficiently on each hardware, that is the reason why we do not yet support TEGRA chipset because we need to reconvert all our graphic assets for this GPU.


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