Internal Memory vs SD Card

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    I got a OG Droid with the 16GB microSD, then I got the Droid 2 and gave the OG Droid to my mom. I kept my 16GB card, everything worked as it should even though the Droid 2 had 8GB of internal memory (I think). Programs like Robo Defense used the same file that keeps my progress.

    I did the same thing with the DX2, pulled the 16GB, however the programs want to use the internal memory instead. If I goto the SD Card & Phone Storage menu it shows the SD card as half full. (which it is)

    Does anyone know how I tell the phone that it should use the SD Card for everything instead of internal memory?

    Otherwise the DX2 is pretty sweet, I've always said "keyboards have to be better". Well, it's still somewhat true because then you can see what you're typing into and type. However, typing on the 4.3" screen is VERY easy, heck it's debatable if it's actually faster than the D1 and D2 keyboards. It seems to be very snappy, just ordered a 15foot micro hdmi to hdmi to check out mirror mode on my 67" LED DLP tv. Also web pages look awesome/fill the screen on the 960x540 screen. Flash works a lot better than on the droid 1/2 as well.

    It does seem like apps need to be updated to look better/good on these high res screens. (like tablets) Some look good, some seem a bit grainy.

    I purchased the Droid X car docka nd it works great.
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