Incredible + wiimote !!!

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    i have read on another fourm that on the droid...well wait ill copy n paste it:\

    Device/OS pairs that this app is reported working on:
    Google Nexus One/CyanogenMod 5.0.6 (my dev system)
    Google Nexus One/CyanogenMod
    Google Nexus One/Stock Android 2.1
    Motorola Milestone/Stock Android 2.0.1
    SE Xperia X10/Android 1.6 Donut
    Motorola Droid/UltimateDroid ROM V10
    Motorola Droid/Cyanogen 5.0.6 w/ P3Droid 1200mhz 7slot kernel
    Motorola Droid/DroidMod

    will whats in blue work on the incredible for wiimote sync?
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